As a graduate and highly trained instructor, I take on the role of a tutor, mentor, providing guidance and unwavering support to your children and clients in their academic journey. I meticulously craft personalized at-home study plans, closely monitor their classroom assignments online, and underscore the significance of completing tasks within specified timelines. This approach has empowered numerous students, fostering self-confidence and self-reliance. Just like all Danser Instructors, I share an unwavering passion for education and a genuine commitment to nurturing student's success

- Daniel

My name is Sera Aboagye and I am one of the Piooner Instructor at Danser Academy. My passion for becoming an Instructor in this Noble Institution stems from my experience as a parent looking to supplement my own children's education as well as others. I find it very rewarding being a Danser Academy Instructor and being able to assist students and families in the homes/community reach their academic potential and achieve their goals.

- Sera